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PANDERMAN MOUNTAIN : a story from 2000 mdpl
By : Resti Pratiwi

 It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”  Sir Edmud Hillary

No need travelling to the other country for just enjoy the beautiful view but in my opinion, climbing mountain can become the destination to enjoy the view. Although, you will feel tired and dehydration for some situation but it will be paid by what will you see in the top of mountain and it becomes my first experience in my life. Malang becomes the best town I ever stay. I have been here for two years ago. I can find many things on it. Also, some places which can make me feel enjoy. One day, my eyes focus on row of mountains which I can see when I go to the campus. Panderman mountain. Many people said that panderman is not the mountain but that is hill. The high is only 2000 meter from the surface of the sea (mdpl). Well, I do not care about that. I just think about planning to go there. And the story begins.
I met her on campus. Her name is April. I know her as a climber when she was in senior high school. At that moment, when the holiday was coming, I told to her about my planning, climbing mountain. I want to make different for my holiday in that semester. So, April agreed with my planning. We decided to climb panderman mountain. The mountain which is not too high, but I am sure the view must be beautiful. but, we have to look for some friends who will join us. Day by day, I text some friends. I invite them to join in this planning. some friends said “How about the route? Do you know it?” and the others said “Have you ever go there before?”. Unfortunately, I have not go there yet before even the other mountain and I do not know about the route  but I am sure that I can be there. Then, for 2 days, I was in front of my notebook. I was goggling. I searched the article, writing about Panderman in blog of people and also the picture. From the sources which I got about the route, I am ready for it.
I prepared all the things. Began with the clothes, meal, drinks, and etc. Our team consist of me, April and my others friends, Andita and Dinda. From many friends that I have invited, only Andita and Dinda who fixed to join us. Four girls climbed Panderman!. It is such a interesting challenge. First, we briefing for all things, especially for the route. The route stated that we have to go to pesanggarahan village. Pesanggrahan is the name of village that are in the foot of panderman. Then, we prayed for our safety and started to go by two motorcycles. After we arrived in Batu, we can look Panderman mountain stands strongly. With the blue sky and the beautiful shape of the mountain, it will be very excited trip. There is a story behind the name of Panderman. According to the article that I have gotten, the name of Panderman is from the name of a Dutchman who loved to the beautifulness of that mountain. His name is Van Der Man. So, that is why the people around there named that mountain as Panderman.
We over the uphill way toward pesanggrahan village. Finally, we arrived at pesanggrahan by about 45 minutes.  By paid Rp 2500,00 we can left our motorcycle in one of the villager’s home and registered our self by wrote our name and domicile. Before me and my friends started our first trip, the villager told us about the route and give the advice that we will meet many apes on the way and on the top of the mountain. When the time shows at 15.10 PM, we began to climb. We walked one by one. The road began to uphill and sandy. Masker is very important to wear if you want to breath well during the trip. At that time, the weather was the dry season. Obviously if the sandy soil on the road we have been through was too hot. Several times we stopped and coughed because of the dust of sandy soil. Again, this is not an excuse for us to suffer from this challenging trip. I encourage my friends and they do the same. The fatigue  that I feel is replaced with admiration when I saw rows of pine trees that are still green and make form a hill. Voices of forest insects were responded each other. Maybe, it's a sign they welcomed me and my friends. After about 45 minutes we were walking, we met a two groups of climbers who all consist of men. One of them asked "Hi, Do your group are only four girls?"
“Yes, only four girls”, I answered.
“Okay, Keep on spirit! Here is the route to Panderman. Be careful.”, Said him with smile.
We continued our journey. Our energy more decrease and for addition previously we did not exercise so it's easy for me and my friends to feel tired. I realized that my team consists of a group of women that would break a lot of time that we spend. In the afternoon, we arrived at the Latar Ombo. The first post to the top of Pandeman. Latar Ombo is a vast land and usually used for camping. However, I and my friends have agreed to continue our journey. The dusk came. Fog started to descend. I did not dare to continue our journey. Among us who were carrying flashlights only two people, Andita and Dinda. I imagine narrow path and we do not know what the road is like. Finally, April invited us to set up a tent in the post two, watugedhe. It seems like I have to burn my expectation to see the sunrise in tomorrow morning from the top. I realized that if I and friends continue the journey, there will be many safety risks faced. After we set up camp, the two of us pray Maghrib and two others set the campfire. April boil water for dinner. Our evening meal was only noodles and other snacks. I saw a beautiful view from where we set up camp. The lights of the houses and when I look up to the sky, the stars scattered. Lots of stars. I like a very small part of the universe. Yes, only God almighty.
 We talked for a moment and then we slept. We also divided the shift guard. The first two people slept and two others just after the first got up.
The morning came, morning dew covered our tent, the birds began to sing, welcome the sunrise. I woke up and followed by others. I realized that no other climbers on the last night besides us and I thanks to God protect us. I will never forget this experience. Thanks God.
First activity, we having breakfast. Before that, we did some stretching and ready to continue the journey. We walked one by one. I was in front of my team. On the way, we met some beautiful butterflies and flowers until we arrived at the narrow road with cliff beside us. We walked slowly. Although we felt tired and fear because of the road but I enjoy it. It was challenge for me and my friends. One of my friends, April, felt tired because of that bag. So, we have to turned to bring carrier bag. One hours later, we arrived at the field that was not large but from it, I can see the beautiful view of Malang. The sky was close to us and I can hear the voice of wind. The clouds was under us. It made me want to fall on it. Awesome.
After 45 minutes we took a rest at that place. we continued the journey. It was about 20 minutes, finally, me and my friends arrived at Basundara, the top of Panderman. 2000 mdpl. There are so many things and lesson that I can get from it. yes, it is not about the mountain we conquer but ourselves ; sacrifice, laziness, arrogant. Because nature will give us great lesson!

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