Kamis, 10 November 2011

Mountain Bike VS Fixie

Bicycle is one of the transportation Vehicle. Nowadays, bicycle becomes popular from any range of age. In the development of era, the bicycle has also developed in shape of bike and also in the use of it. The bicycle usually used as a transportation vehicle but now it is used as a lifestyle.  Two examples of popular bike are mountain bike and fixie. Both of them have the same components. However, mountain bike and fixie also have the differences. In this case, I would like to tell you about the differences of those. There are three differences between mountain bike and fixie. The differences in wheel of the bike, body of bike and the gear.
The first difference is about the wheel of the bike. On mountain bike, it has big wheel. This big wheel has ability to grasp the road strongly because it is designed for off road. So that, we can ride it comfortably. On the other hand, fixie has thinner wheel than mountain bike’s wheel. Fixie is appropriate to use on smooth road because it is designed just for exercising and lifestyle.
The second is, if we look the both of bike, we can say that mountain bike and fixie have same body. But, both of them have different bodies. Mountain bike has big body because it has shock-breaker that used to make us relax when there is instability. Besides, the body of mountain bike is made from carbon fiber.  It is different with fixie. Fixie has small body because it has not shock-breaker. Even, fixie has not brake. Those make the body of fixie is slim and minimalist.
The third is about the gear. Mountain bike and fixie have main differences in this case. Mountain bike has 18-27 gear which can moved depends of the road. We can set the speed when we ride it by moving the gear. Meanwhile, fixie has only one gear. Fixie must have rear gear and that’s must be fixed, fixed means if we paddle the gear to behind, the bike will go back.
This essay talks about the differences between mountain bike and fixie. The conclusion is which one is the better from both of the bike is depend on what you want. If you want thinner wheel, small body of bike, minimalist, colorful and unique on the gear, you can choose fixie. However, if you want to have the big wheel of bike that can grasp the road strongly, big body of bike and many gears that can set the speed, the mountain bike is the good choice. 

I choose MTB.. how about you?

let's make green our environment  by using bicycle. :)
Bike To Campusss... :D

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